Core values ​​of UHY Vietnam

Human happiness and success has always been the ultimate goal of all business activities. To contribute to creating happiness and success of human, all leaders and employees of UHY Vietnam consciously build and maintain the following core values:

- Success and happiness of customer, belief of social decide the existence and development of of UHY Vietnam in the past, present and future.
- Ethics is a guide for all activities: In work, all employees of UHY Vietnam must always be aware of behaviors consistent with professional ethics and without any reason can justify failing to comply with professional ethics.
- Constantly raise expertise and knowledge should be valued to improve the ability to meet the increasing requirements of customers.
- Honesty, fairness must be encouraged and honored
- Genuine sharing with partners, colleagues should be promoted and become the cultural behavior of all the members of the Firm.
- All actions must always lead to harmony between happiness of others with happiness of myself.
- All members have to help each other to look forward to “think and act righteously.”

On behalf of and representative for UHY Viet Nam


Dao Xuan Dung